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Life in Munich

What’s the best way to get around Munich?

Driving in Munich is expensive and impractical. Ride-hailing services (e.g. Uber) only connect passengers to standard taxis, which are also expensive and relatively rare.


Fortunately, the public transportation network is excellent and relatively easy to navigate. The guidance provided by Google Maps, for example, is fairly reliable. For information about routes and fares, consult the website of the MVG (Munich Transport Corporation). The MVG app also provides information about routes and mobile ticket purchases.


The Deutschland-Ticket covers unlimited travel on regional trains and local public transit for 49€/month. It can be purchased through the MVG app or the DB Navigator app.


Munich is a very bike-friendly city and many people cycle to get around. The city has even set up a bike route planner (German) to help you find the quickest route to your destination. There are also a number of services offering short-term bike and electric scooter rentals. For further info on the MVG’s bike-rental service, click here. For more information on electric scooter rentals, click here. (Both sites are unfortunately only available in German.)


Swapfiets offers longer-term rentals (>1 month), including maintenance, and offers e-bikes.

Do I need a special licence or permission to drive a car in Germany?

EU/EEA Citizens

Driving licences issued in any EU or EEA country (EU plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) are also valid in Germany.


Non-EU Citizens

Driver’s licences from outside Europe are generally valid for six months after you’ve registered your residence. A further six-month extension is possible in cases where the stay is unlikely to exceed a total of twelve months. Fellows staying longer will need a German driving licence. Depending on the foreign licence you already possess, you can either trade it in for a German licence for a nominal fee, or you may have to pass a German driving test. When driving, it is mandatory to carry an international driving licence or a notarised translation of your foreign driving licence.

How can I arrange childcare/schooling for my child(ren)?

There are a number of daycare and kindergarten options for young children as well as schooling options for older children, but they are often oversubscribed. As a fellow at gd:c, the LMU’s Familienservice can help you find suitable childcare and schooling solutions for your family.


The costs for the LMU services vary and are the fellows’ responsibility.

Does LMU offer sports facilities, and if so, what are the costs?

Fellows are entitled to use the athletic facilities of the LMU for a nominal fee. Please consult the programme of the University Sports Center Munich (Zentraler Hochschulsport München), which is released twice a year. Costs for LMU athletics services are the responsibility of the fellows. To obtain a ZHS membership card, first book a ticket online and then upload your fellowship contract and a passport photo.


Leo’s Sports Club is a gym located in the university district, and members of the LMU (including our fellows) are eligible for a discount.

What German language courses does the LMU offer and how much do they cost?

The DKFA (Deutschkurse für Ausländer bei der Universität München e.V.) is one of the largest language-teaching and test centres in Munich. Their courses are well reviewed and inexpensive. For example, a course designed for students and visiting scholars costs around 140€.


Any costs associated with the language courses are the responsibility of the fellows.

Physicians recommended by Fellows

Gynecologist  – quote Fellow: “with a sense of humor”

Frauenarzte am Prinzregentplatz 

Wolfram Krauß



Pediatrician – quote Fellow: “Only takes private insurance, but I cannot recommend this woman enough!”

Private Kinderarztpraxis

PD Dr. med. A. Pohl-Koppe

089/6425 – 6251