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Fellowship basics

Who do I contact for administrative purposes?

For questions about administrative matters (i.e. stipends, workspace, etc.), please contact our fellow liaison, Veronika Proske.

What does global dis:connect expect from its fellows?

Cross-fertilisation and mutual inspiration can only happen when we’re together. Therefore, fellows are expected to reside in Munich during their fellowship and concentrate on the research they proposed in their application. External teaching, field work and archival work abroad are incompatible with a fellowship.


Fellows are expected to be present in the office and mainly to work on the premises. Regular attendance at the lunchtime colloquium on Tuesdays, at the Thursday meetings and other events hosted by gd:c is strongly recommended.


global dis:connect provides each fellow with the financial means to organise and host an international workshop in the fellows’ area of research. While organising workshops is optional, they enrich our academic environment and benefit us all.


Fellows are also strongly encouraged to contribute to gd:c’s various publication and outreach media (e.g. our blog, our bi-annual research bulletin static, our podcast or our videos) to the extent they are able.


Also, please provide us with a short biographical note, a photo and a description of your project to help us publicise your work on our website and our social media channels.


Please reciprocate our support by acknowledging global dis:connect in any publications or presentations enriched by your time with us.

How can I access my stipend? Do I need a German bank account?

All stipends will be transferred directly to the fellow’s account. Transfers to foreign accounts are possible, but due to higher fees and delays of up to eight weeks, we encourage fellows to open a local German bank account. Several banks offer simple, economical accounts that can be opened online. All stipends are transferred at the beginning of the month.


Please note that the university does not process international transfers between early December and mid-January. If you use a foreign account, we may not be able to transfer your funds for six to eight weeks during this period.

Will gd:c cover my travel expenses?

global dis:connect finances a single journey to and from Munich in second class/economy. You can book the trip yourself and apply for reimbursement after arrival or departure. We can also book air travel for you. For all questions concerning travel expenses, please our fellow liaison, Veronika Proske.

Where is gd:c located, and what kind of services can I expect?

global dis:connect is located in a historic villa in central Munich on the east bank of the Isar river (ca. 100m north of the Villa Stuck/#12 on the MVG tourist flyer). It’s a short walk to stops on the U4 and U5 subway lines, the 100 bus line and the 37 tram line. The university library is only about eight minutes away by bike and about 15 minutes with public transit.


Fellows are provided with workspaces in bright, newly renovated offices.


global dis:connect has a kitchen and a dining/lounge area.