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November 2023, Meet The Memory Person – a collaborative remembrance project

Meet The Memory Person – a collaborative remembrance project: open studio, workshop and conversation (Venue: FLORIDA Lothringer 13 81667 München, Ein Kunstraum der Stadt München)

Artistic concept: Franziska Windolf

Curation: Mareike Schwarz

Munich’s Florida organisation will host Meet the Memory Person, a gathering to develop and envision the future of the collaborative and performative monument, initiated in Giesing in 2023 and dedicated to artists of all kinds who are living in exile or have migrate(d) to/from Munich, in particular Giesing.

Workshop: Sunday, 12.11.2023, 11am-3pm
The event starts with a workshop featuring creative guests from Giesing who have a connection to migration and exile and have encountered the Memory Person during their public performances.

Open studio: to further extend collaboration on the monument, everyone is welcome to register for the ‘Open Studio’ from Monday, 13.11.23 – Saturday, 18.11.23. Materials and tools are available, and the artist will be present and looking forward to conversation and creativity. Contact franzi.windolf@posteo.de.

Conversation: Sunday, 19.11.23, 5pm
With Burcu Dogramaci, Laura Bruns, Cathrine Bublatzky, Clara Laila Abid Alsstar and Franziska Windolf.
This event will also launch the Meet The Memory Person catalogue, with drinks and snacks!