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17 october 22, reading with rudi anschober

Rudi Anschober, 2021; Copyright: Ulrik Hölzel; Kontakt: info@hoelzel-photography.com, www.hoelzel-photography.com

On 17 October 2022, former Austrian Minister of Health Rudi Anschober will present and read from his book Pandemia – Einblicke und Aussichten.

Written after his resignation for health reasons, in the book Anschober describes the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic using the examples of five people – an intensive care physician, a research coordinator, a Long Covid patient, a single bookseller and a minister. In doing so he provides the inside view of a state of emergency.

The reading will take place at IBZ München, Amalienstraße 38, 80799 München and start at 18:30.

Please note that both the reading and discussion will be in German.

This event will comply with the COVID-19 regulations applying at IBZ at the time of the event.