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Nic Leonhardt accepted into the DFG Heisenberg Programme

Nic Leonhardt, currently a fellow at the Käte Hamburger Center Research Centre in the Humanities, global dis:connect, has been honored with acceptance into the prestigious Heisenberg Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Her research Programme, “Global Theatre History – Dis:connectivities, Challenges, Infrastructures,” encompasses the study of dance and theatre in Iran during the 19th and 20th centuries. This work broadens global theatre historiography by highlighting transnational women’s networks in theatre since the 19th century and exploring the role of infrastructures in global theatre history. Leonhardt’s research perfectly aligns with and enriches the agenda of global dis:connect, bringing in a nuanced perspective from theatre and cultural studies. The Käte Hamburger Kolleg is proud to host Nic Leonhardt’s Heisenberg Fellowship. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and look forward to the continued collaboration!