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23-26 July, gdc summer school

global dis:connect summer school 2024


From 22-26 July 2024, global dis:connect will welcome MA and doctoral students from the humanities as well as creative professionals at any stage of their careers to meet and discuss in Munich for a summer school that will concentrate on Cultural infrastructure(s)from ‘dis:connective perspectives’. We will pay particular attention to disruptions, disturbances and absences in processes of globalisation, which we have hitherto tended to see in terms of ever-increasing connectivity. Seen from a global perspective, cultural infrastructure is characterised above all by major disparities.

The summer school will allow the participants to present their own projects on the topic and will feature several master classes with renowned scholars as well as art and film presentations. All sessions will be held in English.

global dis:connect promotes dialogue between scholarship and art as coequal means to approach dis:connective phenomena of globalisation. Such phenomena often leave few traces in archives and defy direct observation in many cases, but artistic practice can often reveal and provide access to them. It is through art, film, theatre, design and architecture that cultural infrastructures and the absences, interruptions and detours they reveal and produce have recently been thematised.



Organisers: Christopher Balme, Nikolai Brandes, Hanni Geiger, Nic Leonhardt and Tom Menger, Käte Hamburger Research Centre global dis:connect, Munich.



Please note: the summer school is a closed event. Parallel to the summer school, global dis:connect however invites you to its annual lecture on the same topic by performance scholar Shannon Jackson on 22 July 2024.