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CANCELLED! 22-23 February, archival f(r)ictions

On 22 and 23 Feb. 2024, the Center will hold an international workshop focusing on the topic of “archival f(r)ictions” in curatorial and artistic film practice.

The workshop invites in a transdisciplinary dialogue on the colonial legacies of film archives. By making use of invention, imagination and speculation, artists and curators have explored the possibilities of engaging critically with the historical narratives contained in the archive, appropriating and transforming them. In this context, fiction has frequently served as a means to interrogate official histories and the legacies of the colonial past. In works by John Akomfrah, Filipa César, Tamika Galanis, Payal Kapadia, Zineb Sedira, Fiona Tan, Ala Younis, Akram Zaatari – to name just a few – the archive has become a site of subversive fiction and artistic resistance. In the framework of “global dis:connect”, the workshop addresses the potential of dis:connections, of the counterhegemonic f(r)ictions produced by imagining other (hi)stories from which alternative memories and futures may emerge. The focus lies on artistic and curatorial practices that produce dissonances and allochronisms through fictional narratives that investigate and rework the histories contained and preserved in archives.

Place & date: Munich, 22-23 February 2024

Organisers: Fabienne Liptay (University of Zurich), Laura McMahon (University of Cambridge), Sujit Sivasundaram (University of Cambridge)

Venue: Käte Hamburger Research Centre global dis:connect, Maria-Theresia-Straße 21, 81675 Munich